Sports Psychology Olympics: New Book “Olympic Thinking: Sports Psychology Coaching for Peak Performance in Sports, Business, and Life

Olympic Thinking Sports Psychology Coaching Mental Training for Athlete Peak PerformanceSports Psychology Olympics and Peak Performance:   New BOOK release TODAY ONLY – 1- Day Price drop to  .99 cents to go for #1 Ranking   OLYMPIC THINKING: Sports Psychology Coaching for Peak Performance in Sports, Business, and Life, By Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter Olympic Sports Psychologist. Comprehensive, in-depth mental training and sports performance coaching. Please get it today and do quick review. Here’s what you will get:

Sports psychology performance coaching and mental training, visualizations,  for athletes and coaches at all levels, coaches, business entrepreneurs, Olympians, sports parents and peak performers for success in sports, business, and life.

“Even if you are not an Olympian, you can think, and feel, and perform like one.”

Here’s What you Get in Olympic Thinking: Sports Psychology

 1. Olympic Thinking: Gold Medal Mindset for Success

Becoming Energized and Motivated

Focusing with Intensity

Handling Adversity

Managing Energy Wisely

Holding on to Personal Enjoyment

2. Olympic Thinking Tips: Action Plan

Bouncing Back from Life’s Misfortunes

Detaching from the Outcome

3. Positive Images: Visualize to Energize

What is Mental Imagery?

How does Imagery Work?

4. The Power of Imagery: Visualize to Re-Energize

Imagery Though the Senses

Imagery Options

Guidelines for Effective Imagery

Turning Your Images into Reality


5. Power Words: Language for Success

Reconstructing Your Thoughts

Defining Power Words

How are power words Used?

Guidelines for Constructing Power Words

Moving From Negative to Affirmative

Using Thoughts as a Form of Energy

6. Present Focus:  Centering-Breathing-Calming

The Meaning of Relaxation

Why is Relaxation so Essential for Athletes?

7. Present Focus – Part 2:  Self Assessment for Stress

Self-Assessment for Tension and Stress

Tools for Relaxation of the Mind and Body

8. Productive Mindset Confidence & Motivation Tools

Perception Exercise

Power Words to Change Perspective

Switching Gears

Exercise: Cues for Positive Energy

9. Productive Mindset – Part 2 Positive Perspective Tools

Turning Negatives Into Positives

Know What You Can Control

Injuries Are Teachers

Exercise for Positive Vision:

Powerful Words for Motivation

10. Professional CERTIFICATION Training: Sports Psychology Performance Coach Mentoring

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As seen on NBC-TV Olympics, Oprah, ABC, Fox News, incredibly powerful, practical, and motivating, Olympic Thinking: Sports Psychology Coaching for Peak Performance in Sports, Business, and Life is filled with easy-to-follow steps, engaging stories and profound wisdom have made Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter our trusted expert on personal performance. Corporations and health-fitness industry professionals worldwide use her #1 national best-selling books and audio programs as their standard reference. Now using a unique and effective method, Dr. JoAnn offers you a proven, success-oriented program that helps you achieve major breakthroughs in every area of your life.

This comprehensive guide contains all the techniques Dr. JoAnn teaches the pros, including training tools, templates, and exercises – “Align your performance with the vision in your heart.”

* OLYMPIC THINKING: Create your Gold Medal Mindset for Success

• CONFIDENCE: Gain new motivation and confidence to break through mental barriers

• PERFORMANCE: Unleash the power of your mind, body, and spirit to realize your full potential

* FOCUS: Concentrate your effort to perform your best

* LEARN: Winning strategies of the world’s greatest athletes to prosper in your business

• BALANCE: Create a healthy, balanced lifestyle, both personally and professionally

• GOALS: Develop your personal power through 50 mental training exercises

• MENTAL EXERCISES: Train the most essential muscle of all – your mind

This book presents a comprehensive step-by-step program, with the latest psychology tools for optimal mind-body performance.  Focus your energies, overcome obstacles to excellence, and perform your best.

Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter is aStanfordUniversitymedical center trained, licensed psychologist and Olympic Performance Executive coach. Her clients include Olympic gold medalists, CEOs, and other peak performers. As winner of the San Francisco marathon and second in the world championship Hawaii Ironman triathlon, Dr. JoAnn is an in demand keynote speaker  and TV expert commentator who has appeared on Oprah, ABC, NBC, and BBC, networks.

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