Sports Psychologist Bay Area Stanford helps top Ice Skater to Peak Performance with Mental Training

As Sports Psychology coach in SF Bay Area  Stanford , I recently worked with  top Ice Skater Kira with Peak Performance and Mental Toughness  Training for her International invitation only competition in Belgium.  I made Kira a series of custom MP3 peak performance coaching audios, created specifically for her needs. Even though she took 19th place in the short program, she rebounded and took 4th place in the long program, giving her an 8th overall placing in this prestigious global skating event facing top competition. Kira used her sports psychology and mental training techniques before and throughout her performance to stay calm and perform her best even in this high pressure elite event. I love working with athletes in a wide variety of sports – tennis, equestrian, golf, triathletes, runners, etc to perform their best.  Congratulations to Kira – you are an amazing sports psychology success story!