Orthopedic Surgeon in Santa Barbara – Dr. Dunbar helps Dr. JoAnn Heal from Bike Accident in Record Time

An Orthopedic Surgeon in Santa Barbara, Dr. William Dunbar performed surgery on my fractured hip after my recent Bike Accident. I am so impressed with his work, I wanted to  highly recommend Dr. Dunbar for any athlete or non-athlete who needs an orthopedic consult for an orthopedic injury. He really understands what athletes need, because he is one. He provided me with his expertise and  excellent care throughout the entire surgery-recovery process, and I have total confidence in his work. With Dr. Dunbar’s careful guidance, I healed and recovered in record time. Now I’m back to training, swimming,  cycling and peak performance.  It’s like the bike accident never happened. As both a sports psychologist and top athlete, I am so grateful for Dr. Dunbar’s outstanding surgery and athlete rehab program for a fast and full recovery – highly recommended. Learn more about Dr. Dunbar  here –  http://santabarbaraorthopedicsurgery.com/physician-William_H_Dunbar_MD.html