Sports Psychology – Dr. JoAnn on NBC-TV Olympics – Interview Tonight Top Mistakes in Sports

Sports Psychology: Performance Visualization Coaching - Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter, Sports PsychologistSports Psychologist Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter  on NBC-TV Olympics – Interview Tonight.

What are the TOP MISTAKES that athletes make?

Just letting you know, the NBC Olympics TV producers just called me. They said, “We want to interview you right away as a top sports psychologist for the Olympics.”

Then 20 minutes later, they brought out their TV production crew to my office and did a full hour interview with me on site, to show how I work with my top athlete clients for the Olympics.

I’ll be a featured as an expert on an NBC-TV interview Tonight on the 5 and/or 6 pm news PST.

This exclusive interview will be syndicated worldwide to most NBC-TV stations and affiliates.

This story will be definitely be shown tonight to over 5 million viewers throughout San Francisco Bay Area.

The times and dates for airing may vary, so it’s hard to say when it will air in each city.

This feature will lead to lots more interviews with NBC on site at the Olympics in Vancouver,

I’m also getting calls from a large number of other international media outlets.

I will definitely record the coverage and post it on my website by tonight.

It will be the first link

So what are your ideas?  What are the mistakes that athletes make? Let me know and I’ll help you with what to do instead.

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