USA Track and Field Endorses Dr. JoAnn’s programs

The USATF endorses Dr. Joann’s programs — both her work with athletes, and her certification program for coaches.

Here’s a review from Running Times Magazine of Dr. JoAnn’s bestselling book, by Walter Alarkon.

Running Times reviews Your Performing EdgeYour Performing Edge: The Complete Mind-Body Guide for Excellence in Sports, Health, and Life, by JoAnn Dahlkoetter
Sports psychology books sometimes leave us worse off than we were before reading them. They mean well, offering philosophies and techniques aimed at sharpening the mental aspect of our running. All this information, however, seems esoteric and detached, much like the peak form that most of us are still left without.

JoAnn Dahlkoetter’s Your Performing Edge stands out from the competition thanks to its practical, tried-and-true advice. Like other books of its kind, Your Performing Edge talks a big game, evidenced by its subtitle, “The Complete Guide to Success and Fulfillment in Sports and Life.” Unlike others, Dahlkoetter’s book offers tips and methods that are specifically applicable to our running. Through these examples, Dahlkoetter is able to communicate her philosophy.

The book describes a step-by-step program intended to develop a mindset that leads to breakthrough performances. Dahlkoetter, a renowned performance consultant, elite runner and triathlete, and a licensed psychologist, lays the foundation for her program by giving a description of a mentally focused athlete. Interviews and anecdotes of champion athletes, like Stacy Dragila, Dan O’Brien and Lance Armstrong, lend credence to Dahlkoetter’s words.

Dahlkoetter then stresses the importance of relaxation to peak performance. Though relaxation is far from a groundbreaking topic when it comes to sports psychology, here the author walks you through specific yet simple relaxation techniques, mostly derived from visualization and meditation, which are easy enough that athletes of all levels can perform and benefit from them.

Throughout the talk of champion athletes, breakthrough performances, and relaxation, Dahlkoetter integrates a discussion of the role of sports in our lives. She reminds us that sport is a metaphor for life, and is not life itself. Remembering this seemingly obvious point may be the most essential key to peak performance, and this truth becomes more profound as you progress through the book.

—Walter Alarkon
This review originally appeared in Running Times.


More Praise For Your Performing Edge

“Your Performing Edge provides wisdom and guidance in all areas of successful performance – the complete guide for producing the results you want.” Mark Allen, Six-time Winner, Hawaii Ironman Triathlon

“Dr. Dahlkoetter offers a wealth of knowledge and experience that can help athletes of all abilities achieve new levels of confidence and success – Highly recommended.” Joan Benoit Samuelson, Olympic Marathon Gold Medalist

“I urge you to read this book if you wish to aim higher for yourself.”
Bill Rodgers, Four-time winner – Boston & New York City Marathons

“This book is a goldmine of information, extremely well organized, filled with the essential tools for excellence.” Dan O’Brien, Olympic Decathlon Gold Medalist

“Excellent information on so many crucial points of performance…Good strong writing that gets to the point, with powerful examples. This book really hits home!” Runner’s World Magazine – Eileen Portz-Shovlin, Senior Editor

“Your Performing Edge is an empowering read…straightforward and concise. It offers the practical approach that is missing in many books on sports psychology.” Triathlete Magazine – Christina Gandolfo, Editor

“Dr. Dahlkoetter’s writing draws on a wealth of good illustrations both for motivation and for discovering your personal and athletic potential.” Running Times Magazine, Jonathan Beverly, Editor

“Great athletes are made not born. This book explains where the training is done…between the ears.” Marty Liquori, NBC Olympics Sports Commentator, World’s #1 Miler

“I’m quite familiar with Dr. Dahlkoetter’s work, seeing it regularly in several of the magazines that grace my mailbox. I especially like the use of specific examples in her writing. Much advice on sports psychology lacks this personal touch.” Joe Henderson, author of Marathon Training

“Your Performing Edge is the ultimate book for attaining optimal mind-body performance. It’s a great addition for myself and the athletes I teach.” Dave Scott, Six-Time Winner, Hawaii Ironman Triathlon

“I highly recommend this book to everyone who is pursuing excellence and deeper meaning in any area of their lives.”
Misty Hyman, 2000 Olympic Gold Medalist, 200-Meter Butterfly

“My work with Dr. Dahlkoetter was essential in helping me prepare for the 2000 Olympic Trials in kayaking. Her book puts into words what I always strive toward when I train and compete. She knows what it takes to get the best out of ourselves.” Julia Sorzano, 2000 U.S. Olympic Kayak Team

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